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Leather Norozi Chappal Burgundy Peshawari Chappal

Step out in style with Kaisz’s Leather Norozi Chappal. Made from premium quality leather, this stylish design is perfect for adding a touch of modern elegance to any outfit. Shop now and get fast shipping on all orders

Norozi Chappal Design Mustard

Step out in style with Norozi's Double Sole Chappal. This stylish and comfortable design is crafted from quality materials and is the perfect choice for casual wear. Enjoy the durability and support of a double sole while looking your best.

Norozi Chappal Double Sole Tan Color

Step out in style with Norozi Chappal Double Sole Tan Color. The premium quality leather and sole provide excellent comfort and durability. With a timeless design, this chappal is perfect for everyday wear. Experience the luxury of Norozi

Peshawari Chappal Norozi Green Double Sole

Norozi Peshawari Chappals are handcrafted with premium leather and double sole. These stylish chappals feature a traditional green upper.

Kaptaan Chappal Design Matte Black

Kaptaan Chappal Design Matte Black Step into Kaptaan Chappal Matte Black and experience the classic style of modern comfort. Our premium, handcrafted chappals are designed with a timeless matte black finish to give you an elegant look with each step. Our innovative sole technology ensures maximum comfort and support for an effortless stroll. Add a