Norozi Chappal Black Double Sole


This Chappal was Specially Made For People of Punjab, Sindh  and Baluchistan. this is made of High quality Leather stuff and best for hunting and desert area that’s why it also called Shikari Chappal.Its sole is made of Truck Tire that is so hard and strong.Quetta Norozi Chappal.

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Norozi Chappal Black

Norozi Chappal is a traditional leather sandal handcrafted in Pakistan. They’re made from locally sourced, natural, and eco-friendly materials – such as soft sheep or goat hide for the upper part of the sole and smooth cowhide for the inner part. The sturdy design ensures that these chappals will last longer than generic mass-produced footwear.

Because they’re handmade by skilled artisans, each pair is unique; no two pairs look alike due to strange quirks arising during their production process! That said, you can customize your own with a range of rich patterns which makes them an excellent gift choice if you’re looking to keep things special yet traditional! Not only do these charming sandals offer unbeatable quality at affordable prices but wearing them also supports rural craftspeople – it’s truly a win/win situation!

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