Men’s Leather Norozi Kheri Chappal Mustard

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Step into style with Norozi’s Kheri chappal for men. Handcrafted in 100% genuine leather, these mustard-colored chappals offer ultimate durability and comfort. Get the perfect fit with our size chart, and upgrade your

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Men’s Leather Norozi Kheri Chappal Mustard

Step into Norozi Kheri Chappal, the perfect blend of comfort and style! Our men’s chappal is handcrafted with 100% pure leather to deliver you an experience like no other. With a lightweight design and stylish look, it’s perfect for both casual and formal occasions. Get ready to take your style game to the next level with Norozi Chappal – the ultimate choice for those who demand quality, comfort, and sophistication.

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39/6, 40/7, 41/8, 42/9, 43/10, 44/11

2 reviews for Men’s Leather Norozi Kheri Chappal Mustard

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  2. sami

    Shoes was so comfortable with great quality

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