Khaddar Karandi Fabric Winter Brown KKH-992


Khaddar Karandi is a blend of cotton by cotton, woven with the utmost precision. The Khaddar in Karandi is the fabric that has a mix of both khaddar and karandi. It looks like roughly textured but soft and strong. This fabric is perfect for winters, and leaves you with no worries about shrinkage or slippage. Measurement: 7 Meters Width: 1 Yard

کیمیکل سے پاک اورسکن کے لیے انتہائی موذوں، کھڈی سے تیار کردہ روایتی اور عمدہ کھدر ہر موسم کے لیے دستیاب ہے

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Non-Chemicalized Fabric Characterized By Luster And An Intense Soft Feel For Human Skin. Premium Plus Khaddar Winter Collection Available Delivery All over Pakistan. In Lowest Prices. Brands:  Kaisz Footwear & cloting Winter Collcetion.


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