Electric Shock USB Rechargeable Mosquito Killer Lamp


Rechargeable Mosquito Killer Lamp

【BUG ZAPPER INDOOR】 Powerful physical mosquito killer, generating 365nm light wave, ultraviolet accurate capture, greatly improving the trapping power of blood-sucking mosquitoes.
【SAFE AND HARMLESS DESIGN】 With flow stabilization device and external safety net. Anti-touch net, finger safety. Low noise, low radiation, suitable for mother and child use.
【PORTABLE TO CARRY】 Insect killer, electric mosquito killer, powerful insect killer, fly trap Indoor mosquito lamp design is practical, small size so that you can carry anywhere you need!
【SUPPORT WALL】 The design of the hanging hole on the back can be hung on the wall, and the child cannot touch it.
【WIDE COVERAGE】Scientific arrangement of 6 395nm UV LED lamp beads, the luminous area is larger, attracting a wider range of mosquitoes.

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Electric Shock USB Rechargeable Mosquito Killer Lamp


Multi-dimensional three-dimensional trapping technology can effectively exclude annoying mozzie

Easy-to-understand new life, no matter work, study, and life, defend your health

Mosquito attract is accurate, light bead light wave is used to attract mozzie, and concentrated light bead is used to attract mozzie, releasing the 395NM wavelength preferred by mozzie and housefly

[Strong electric shock] The safe killing power is as strong as 2000V, and the mosquito-killing effect is significantly improved

Three-layer mesh security protection: the front and back tier of insulation protection check to guard against misleading the security of electric shock. It is safer to use the security protection check with the upper and lower tier of mesh being the same negative electrode. The human body will not contact the working check with the positive electrode in the middle. The low electric charge security voltage is within the range of human body security.

Product Name:

USB Mosquito Lamp Household Mosquito Lamp Multi-function Mosquito Lamp, wall-mountable

Net weight:423g

Gross weight: 602g

Product size: 26*4*23cm

Product packaging: 30.7*5.8*21.4cm

Package Content: 1x mosquito control lamp 1x line 1x cleaning brush 1x instructions

Kaisz Kaisz Kaisz Electric Shock USB Rechargeable Mosquito Killer Lamp


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