Kemei KM – 3010 3 in 1 Epilator Shaver Electric Rechargeable Cordd and Cordlesss Hair Remover and Callus Remover

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  • Model no: Km-3010
  • Hair Remover, epilator shaver and Callus RemoverAc current operatingRechargeable operating full Charge Shaving Time40 Mins Use After Fully ChargedActive massage SystemTextured Ceramic DiscsActive hair LifterLithium-ion BatteryLong life product
  • 10 Day Return Policy
  • Cash on Delivery available

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  • Kemei KM – 3010 3 in-1 Electric Rechargeable Cordless Epilator Shaver Hair Remover KM – 3010

  • electric epilator is a multi-purpose machine, which can easily replace the plug when you need to use it, it quickly and effectively removes hair from the root for smooth skin. The epilator head provides long-lasting hair removal, the shaver head gently scrapes the hair with a static and dynamic knife, and the callus head removes the hard dead skin on the foot. This 3-in-1 function will bring you a comfortable and painless skin care experience for daily use! Features:3 in 1It is a multifunctional appliance with 1 epilator head, 1 shaver head and 1 callus remover head to meet different requirements Efficient and effective Designed to fit the contours of your body and remove even the finest hair from legs, face, underarms, bikini line and other sensitive areas in a short time Cordlesss and convenientNo need for a cordd, rechargeable and simple switch button with ergonomic and compact handle design for precise epilationSelectable and adjustable2-speed operation to accommodate different hair types, safer than scrapers Methods:EpilatingSwitch on the facial epilatorSelect speed 2 for larger areas with stronger hair growthPosition the epilator perpendicularly onto your skin with the ON / OFF switch pointing in the direction in which you are going to moveMove the epilator slowly over the skin, against the direction of the hair growthShavingPress both side buttons at the top of the unit to release the headPlace the shaver head into the unit and press firmly into positionFor best results, switch the appliance on and shave in the opposite direction of hair growthCallus removerOnly for use on feet or heelsSwitch on the callus removerGently rotate ( back and forth or side to side ) over the desired area for 2 – 3 secondsPower: 300mAh Lithium-ion batteryCable Length: 1.5mPower Type: RechargeableUse: BodyUsage Time: 40 minCharging Time: 6 hours

1 review for Kemei KM – 3010 3 in 1 Epilator Shaver Electric Rechargeable Cordd and Cordlesss Hair Remover and Callus Remover

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