Easygo Baby Booster Seat | 3-in-1 Portable Dining Chair with Toy


1. Frustration-Free Packaging: Easy to open, 100% recyclable, and less packaging waste
2.Straps easily & securely to most dining & kitchen chairs
3. GREAT QUALITY – Made with Durable Thick ABS Plastic Materials.
4. Enhance operational ability. Best gift for children.
5. Excellent quality and reasonable price.
6. Attractive color, unique design, and environmental material.

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3-in-1 Easygo Baby Booster Seat | Portable Dining Chair with Toy

join the family dinner table and learn to eat independently. One of the key features of this booster seat is its removable tray function. It comes with two trays – one with musical toys for playtime and another specifically designed for mealtime. This way, you can gradually train your baby to become self-reliant from a young age. Safety is a top priority when it comes to feeding our little ones.

The Easygo Booster Seat includes a three-point belt system that securely holds your child in place during meals, ensuring their safety at all times. Additionally, adjustable front and rear straps allow you to securely attach the seat to any chair.

To cater to different stages of growth, this booster seat offers three different height levels and a removable seat back. This ensures maximum comfort for your growing toddler. The Easygo Booster Seat also provides an additional dinner plate where you can place other toys or food items, making mealtime more engaging and enjoyable for your child.

When your baby is ready for meals without the tray or backrest, both are easily removable, facilitating an even smoother transition toward independent eating. In conclusion, the Easygo Booster Seat offers convenience, safety, and versatility in training your baby to eat independently while being part of family mealtimes. Make mealtime an enjoyable learning experience with this fantastic product! to one little exciting child tray that allows family bonding. This booster seat features an A toddler’s meal time is the most important for his overall growth.

Easygo Booster Seat with an exciting child tray makes it really easy for you to train your baby to eat independently so that the child can also be a part of the family dinner table during mealtimes. It has a removable tray function, one tray includes musical toys on it while the other can be used for mealtime. With the help of this, parents can gradually train their little ones to become independent from a really young age. The seat has a three-point belt to safely hold your child in the se independence. Adjustable front and rear straps to securely attach it to any chair. Three-level heights and the removable seat back.

promoting Additional dinner plates, you can also place other toys to play Adjustable 3-point restraint and the seat back & tray removable when baby easier for your toddler while is ready for meals Introducing the Easygo Booster Seat, a perfect solution to make mealtime



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